wots downpicking and tremolo picking and wots this 1234 2341 method of building up speed or somethin alll these guys were talkin bout in one of these threads?
Down picking - Picking downwards

Tremelo picking - Picking one note repeatedly very quickly

1234, 2341 would probably refer to the fingers you use in a certain exercise, 1=index, 2=middle, 3=ring, 4=pinky.
  • Downpicking - Making a downward movement with the pick to produce a note on a string. Upward picking would be the opposite. The combination of upward and downward picking would be alternate picking.
  • Tremolo picking is picking one single note repeatedly for the duration of its time in a beat.
  • I explained this to you in another thread - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=401021