Its mainly an acoustic song, with solos in there, vocals are there, but trust me they arent any good, I just wanted to put the vocals there because it would be a drag with out any melody. But um this is real simple, most of the solos were improvised especially the last one, which is my favorite, I know I got out of tune, and its nothing blazingly fast, but I tried putting my emotion into it, I doubt I did it. But anyway, Take a listen and I will crit back on your songs, thanks in advanced. Leave links

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the vox aren't terrible....i mean yeah it gets out of tune and stuff but it's not just overwhelming....the acoustic sounds pretty nice, the EQ is decent...the song is very mellow and tame which is nice....the backing lead guitar has some nice effects on them and stuff like that...the solos are good, i sense a bit of emotion...i know how improv goes cause i do it all the time haha...nice job!

crit me?

Might i suggest taking the delay off the vocals and adding reverb instead, at least for the beginning. That's just my opinion though, but i think it'd sound better with less of that "echo" effect and more of the "reverbing" effect. The vocals sound pretty off pitch whenever you sing higher, but the rest is fine. I like the lead guitar that comes in a tad after 1:45, it gives that section a really neat feel. Whoa, distorted guitar just kicked in..major attention getter in the soft song, but i totally love it.

Overall, the guitar sounded fine, the vocals were a bit pitchy at times, and the song felt just a little too drawn out for my taste, but it was by no means bad. I liked it, i'm just being very critical =P. Keep up the good work, bud.
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