Okay, so I'm new here at UG.com, even though I've been playing guitar for nearly 3 years. After a few posts on random forums and such, I decided I'd go ahead and brave a question: could anyone give me tips on sweep picking? Maybe some references to lessons that seem rather useful, or just a few simple tips on how to properly hold the pick and your left hand (playing a right hand guitar) and how to hold your right hand and position your fingers.
Just to give you an idea of what I'm looking at, I first started trying to sweep the beginning of Bleeding Mascera by Atreyu.
I know that I shouldn't start playing it fast and everything, which I havn't. I've been playing all my sweeps I've been working at slow and trying to build them up, but something just isn't clicking.
Could I get a few ideas?
learn some Yngwie Malmstten exercises, and Far beyond the sun and arpeggios from hell are the 2 songs that I learned to learn sweeping
I actually learned to opening to Arpeggios From Hell, but I havn't looked too much into the song, really. I didn't even know it had sweeps in it.. lol. I'll look those two up though and practice some at them. Thanks. =D

.. any more tips? =D