Hey guys, Ive been playing about a year, and I had a question. When playing a lot of songs with riffs in them, I tend to just play all the notes with an independent finger. What I meanis, i usually dont play the notes by forming a chord to accomodate it. I dont always do this, but usually do. Is this right or wrong, or does it just depend on the song. Like JImi hendrix's purple haze, I dont really use a chord for the sliding intro part> Thanks in advance
i don't get your question
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But I'm going to say it doesn't matter...because I think you're asking if you have to make chord shapings when playing lead.
Yeah, it depends on the song. Just listen to see if each note rings out after it is played. If it doesn't than it's picked with an individual finger, like you're doing, and if it does, than the whole chord is being held. For an example, in the intro to Stairway to Heaven, you can hear the notes ringing out, which means that the whole chord is being held. In something like the last part of the solo in Hotel California, each note stops right after it's played, meaning that each note is played separately, without holding the chord shape.
Yeah, it depends on the song... like, I really don't get your question. There's no "correct" way to play a riff, really, but there are "better" ways...
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