im lookin to get a new pedal for a heavy metal distortion. i heard metal masters were good but i was also looking at the digitech death medal pedal. if any1 has either of these, can u give me sum input as to which wuld be a better choice. also, how much they cost.


Digitech Metal Master
Peavey Bandit 112

there both really good pedals and the price is great but i bought the death metal i just think it sounds better
alrite thanks, how much did it cost u?

Digitech Metal Master
Peavey Bandit 112

The meatl amster is about $80 and the death metal about $50 quite a big difference, but you only pay for what you get, the meatl master is deffintly worth paying extra.
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Get a BOSS Metalzone, those Death metal pedals crap out on you quickly, ive had a bunch of friends say they blow out in a few months.
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Get a BOSS Metalzone, those Death metal pedals crap out on you quickly, ive had a bunch of friends say they blow out in a few months.

I wouldnt take any...especially the MT-2...its a horible sounding pedal...but same with 99.99% of all pedals that say "metal" on them.
3rded^^ distortion pedal pretty much all suck....ive only liked the MD-2
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I have a Death Metal. I think new is 50.

Its a good pedal, people complain about it having no gain, but you could use your guitar volume to adjust it.

I've had mine for a while now, the only complaint is that its a battery sucker.. keep some spares.
i got an ac adaptor , it works for my pedal i got now, my only worries is if the Metal Master Of Death Metal Dont have ac inputs lol. i really took an interest in the metal master

Digitech Metal Master
Peavey Bandit 112

btw thanks all for your posts. its always good to get sum inside info be4 buying, espcially when dealers will say nething to make 80 bucks off ya. thanks agen


Digitech Metal Master
Peavey Bandit 112

the metal master is a pretty good pedal it got i a few days my self
And it has a AC input and i prefer useing it :p it eats batterys
anyway de MM give a nice sound
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if you can, try out a Line 6 Über Metal (I just bought one second hand from a friend).
it has a built-in noise gate (I assure you, no feedback whatsoever if you put the gate on 2)
pinch harmonics just flow out without any problems!

of course, a cranked high gain tube amp will always beat any distortion or overdrive pedal out there...
i have the metal master. i like the way it sounds but it sounds real digital. i only use it for like BFMV or COB though cuz i have a marshall and the gain on there does the job for metallica or slayer especially when u throw a EQ pedal in front of it.
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I've owned both. I'm not a huge fan of either, but the Death Metal is definitely more versatile. Don't be fooled by the Metal Masters little morph knob, it's nothing more than a mid control. The Metal Master is one of the only pedals I've come across where I've heard someone else play it and been able to say "Well that's a digital pedal"

That said...go for the Line 6 Uber Metal.
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well, the death metal sucks ass, but the metal master is worth it! the boss metal sounds really muddy.
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Metal master. I got a Death Metal awhile ago. I'm gonna sell it to get a Metal master though. The lows are terrible...
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I am torn between the Metal Master and Uber Metal. I play a lot of SOAD. I am not sure which one to get.