What are the difference between RG, S, SA, JEM, JS, and Iceman? I'd like to know which ones, more specifially which models are the best. My local music store is getting some in, so I might try them out, since I dont know if i'll be able to get the $800 for the RG1570 plus another $150 for pups.
the JEM is the steve vai sig model. thats all i know about ibanez
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what do you mean differences? the pickups?
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the Prestige RG and Prestige S have the thinnest Prestige Wizard necks, the Jems have fatter D shaped necks, the Satch has a thicker rounded C shape neck, the cheaper Korean RGs like the 350 have a fatter Wizard 2 neck, The SZ is a thicker set neck like a schecter or LTD, the SA had a rounder stratty feeling neck, the old RG 550, 570, 770s have perhaps the thinnest original Wizard necks.
I'm looking to know which ones to avoid, and which ones are good. The local guitar shop is getting some in, I doubt anything over $1,000. Something good for Metal and Hard Rock, but can handle Classic Rock.
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generally stay away from low end rg's since their trem aint known to be the best out of the bunch