I have been playing for about 6 months and I am looking to get a classical guitar. I have narrowed down the choices to the Cordoba C-5 and the Yamaha CG101. I have played both in the local guitar center. I like the tones and feels of both. I live in Florida and am very curious if the humidity could be an issue. Any comments, suggestions, recommendations on which one?
The humidity should not be an issue, as most homes in Florida (I live here too) have AC.

I would recommend the Yamaha over the Cordoba, simply because my first "classical" guitart was a Yamaha CG101, and served me fine for many years. They are great beginners guitars.

I am only familiar with one highend-ish model of the Cordoba guitars, and it didn't compare at all to my Alvarez MC90 which was around the same price, so I'm kind of turned off from Cordoba guitars.
My God, it's full of stars!
I forgot to mention that I was also looking to travel with this guitar. My in-laws live in Oklahoma and we go about once a year. My father-in-law also has a Yamaha classical, but its about 20+ years old and has AMAZING sound. The only reason I asked about the humidity, I wanted to bring it outside and play a little.
with regards to humidity, if you really are paranoid about your guitar warping/cracking, then go out and buy a humidifier. I got a really dodgy one for £12 ($22) which does the job, i think.

But you should be fine. Maybe if its a all solid wood guitar then getting a humidifier will bring you peace of mind.

as to your second question: go for the yamaha.

Yamaha in your case. They're well-built, consistent and durable. Excellent for beginners, but not for intermediate or advanced players! Aim to outgrow it asap once you have the cash for a solid top Spanish classical.