Its supposedly an Epiphone from the 60's or 70's. I saw it on craigslist, and if i can't get that one, i'd like to get a similar one, and would like to know what model it is. If you can help, email me at hemike2000 at hotmail.com please. thanks!
i think its called the wilshire
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Go to www.music123.com and search for "Wilshire." They are the exclusive dealers of the new reissue. The best news is that it's only $250 and is made of good stuff.
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ahhh sweet that definitely looks like the wilshire, thanks. The guys asking 400 for it... is that too much?
I don't think that's too much, it's a vintage guitar, looks like it's in good condition and on music123 (I'm not sure if this is a reliable source since it's still a "shop") they say the real Wilshire's are priced very high.

Soo... if you can play it first, if you can't you could take the risk