i started a 70s porn music band so natrually i need a wah pedal
my budget is under 100$ and i was considering either a Dunlop GCB95 Original Crybaby or a Dunlop 535Q Crybaby. i was wondering how those are and if any of you have any other suggestions.
yea i saw that on musiciansfriend but its a bit too expensive currently
yea, get a vox. definitly. way better than crybabys

i think ill either get the 535Q or the vox
leaning toward the vox
Get the Vox.
My friend owns one and I love it so much more than my 535Q. True, there is more versatility to the 535, but the Vox just has soo much more sweep that makes your solos sound so much better.

ALthough try em out first to see which one suits your unique needs.
Vox are great!
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yea right now im just basing it on sound samples but im gonna mos def try it out
thanks for all the help ppl
if you're good with a soldering iron...

get the GCB-95... and you can mod it to make it any of the higher level Dunlop pedals...
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Yeah, get the Vox over the Crybaby.

I've got a V847 for sale if you're interested. Buying a V847 and spending about $15 to get a true bypass mod would be better than spending the $150 on the V848.
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