Hey. My PRS has the PRS tremolo bridge and I have a question about the springs. Theres 4 springs on it, but it looks like theres a hole for a 5th.

Theres a picture. As you can see, theres 4 springs and a hole for a 5th one. Is it supposed to have 5? Would it be possible to add a 5th spring? What would adding a spring do? Where can I get a spring?

it probably comes with 4 just they give you the option of having the 5th, adding another spring will make the tremolo lay flatter on the body if it doesnt already, it might be a little harder to push down but not much, ive heard that the flatter the trem is to the body, the better the tuning stability
a 5th spring would just add more tention. so the whammy bar would be harder to push down
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ok i like it how it is. you tap it and it like dive bombs . its awsome though, coming from a Godin tremolo that you have to put 80 pounds on to dive bomb it. I have never used a tremolo more.
the amount of strings is a preference thing, it seems like the most popular numbers are 3 or 5, if you put a 5th one on it will require more force to do divebombs and things like that, but the bridge will probably be flat against the body when the trem is not in use. This makes tuning more stable since the bridge always returns to exactly the same place

Edit: my bad, didnt see you posted that you like it the way it is lol
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