i just built this thingy and its pretty simple when you see what everything is (thread here).
what you see is:
batter terminal (thing on top)
100k resistor
100k pot (those are two blue squiggles)
1N914 diode (grey)
2n5008 transistor (purple)
2 capacitors, 4.7uF and .1uF (green things)
input & output jacks (left and right extreme)
then all the upside down pyramid things are grounds (i think)

thats what the diagram shows. this page here has a section where it shows what each symbol means (for the basics at least). it also has some other good information you may want to read before starting.
sweet man i actually totally understand it now there was just a few things i was unclear about and you cleared um up JOF but yeah i was thinking the same thing as greenbox with the whole 10k bit. but i listened to JOFs soundclip and im not so sure on this distortion i may make it just to make it maybe sell it but i am more interested in the metal zone style distortion(dont worry i have a 31 band EQ so it doesn't sound like ****)

well i geuss its on to ordering parts... man at least i dont have to buy everything i laughed at myself when i got pissed because i had to move the soldering iron and tray from in front of the drawer so i could get the mouser catalog out... at least im prepared!

well, that 100k instead of 10k was a typo. no one caught it before so i used a 100k resistor cause i used my list as my shopping list (yes i am an idiot). also, the builder on that page said he used a 2N5088 transistor for better decay while i used the 2N3904 of the original schematic cause radio shack didnt have the other. between those two things mine probably doesnt sound quite like what the guy who posted that has. also, down the page on that site has a list for different diodes you can use to get a different sound. if you get a couple different diodes and use a breadboard you can try them out and see which one gives you the sound you like best. i was planning on doing that, but kept forgetting to get extra diodes and i liked it enough to just keep it.