Neurosis is a very amazing band that has been around for almost two decades but never really got alot of air play in the main stream media but thats a good thing in a way.If you want to hear some inspire the soul to play guitar perfect music listen to Neurosis it will blow your ****ing mind.
Used to have a bit of an obsession years ago, but haven't listened to them in a hell of a long time now.

From what I remember of them this is probably best for the metal forum, so *moved*
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I love to chill out to Neurosis..so soothing..

If you like Neurosis, you might wanna check out The Ocean Collective from Germany. They sound is similar to Neurosis and Isis, just a bit heavier.


Download 'Isla de la Luna' and 'The Greatest Bane'

Yeah, I really enjoy their music. Everything from their more Hardcore influence stuff, to their thing with Jarboe.
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Very good band.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Neurosis as metal? Well, possibly I guess...Anyway, their ok I never really got into them all that much though.
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when i'm trying to sleep I tend to pop in some Neurosis. It's very soothing,
Helps me relax after work.