My dad didn't have enough money to order me my other birthday present the other day, so I might order it tomorrow or the next day. He'll chip in $75-$100, and I have $130. Im lookin for probably an effect. I was looking at the Boss OD-20, the one with 22 different distortions. I already got a wah pedal.

I could probably get the OD-20 for under $140, and maybe a Delay for around $100.

Any suggestions?
Go with a cheaper distortion pedal and then maybe a Boss DD-3 Delay. You could get a Keeley Modded DS-1 and a Boss DD-3 for a little less than what you got.
I would get a single-distortion pedal, but I like both Classic Rock, Metal, Instrumental, and some 90's and modern, so finding a pedal with one distortion that fits my needs is hard to find.
You could get that modeling distortion pedal from Digitech. It is sort of like the OD-20 but is has a little bit less. Make sure you get the adapter though because those pedals eat batteries. Other than that, you may have to forget the delay if you get the )D-20.
I just found that $160 Boss OD-20 pedal on ebay for $90. That leaves me about $120. I'm startin' to look at that MXR 10-band EQ. Any thoughts?
How can the EQ help? How does it work? I just know it improves your tone, or boost volume. Should I spend $120 for it?
It can work as a volume boost or a mid boost for leads. You could have your amp set for scooped and then set the EQ to have high mids so that you can be heard over the rest of the band.
Does it have that much of an effect on tone? Should I be spending so much on it? I could just get the Danelectro one for $30, if $120 isnt worth it.