I want to buy a Shure SM57 mic to do some recording at home. I'm going to use a program like cubase to layer the tracks, so I just want to know, what else other than the mic do I need to buy to be able to do this? As in what type of cable, adapters, hardware, converters, whatever I don't really know what I need. (Just the bare minimum for now).

My sound card is a Soundblaster Live 5.1
You'll need some interface hardware or some type of multitrack recorder. Also XLR cable's for the mic. Adapters provide less than desireable results and i don't reccomend it.
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You need an interface to fill the cap between your computer and recording devices (mics, guitars, etc). I suggest browsing musicainsfriend.com for a inexpensive interface. M-Audio or Line 6 should be good. Its up to you, not sure ask some one or sserch recording interfaces.
I just plug my guitar cable right into the mic jack on my soundcard with a size adapter i got at radioshack for like 3 bucks and it sounds fine. You wanna make sure to send it from the "line out" jack on your amp and not to just plug the guitar right into the soundcard otherwise it sounds really bad.
I use acoustica mixcraft to record and then acustica beatcraft to add simulated drums to the mix. Its a simple setup but it does work.
Ok, I was just looking around on MF and I noticed they sell cables with 1/4 ends. I'll probobly just buy one of these and a 1/4 - > 1/8 adapter for now, upgrade later when I have more money.
Here's a quick lesson. Before you go shoving a cable in your amp and plugging it into your sound card, MAKE SURE YOUR SOUND CARD CAN HANDLE IT! Other wise... *electric zapping noises, pillar of smoke, various obscenities, kick the wall, break your toe, etc...* Other than that, go ahead.
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