I'm a 16 year-old female guitarist looking to start a band in northeast, ohio. I like classic rock...Eagles, The Ventures, The Byrds, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, etc...& especially local artists like the James Gang, Joe Walsh, & Michael Stanley. I'm looking for any drummers, bassists, and keyboardists (male or female) around northeast, Ohio who are interested.
its a shame your not in lorain county and looking for a guitarist, cuz i think we're the only people in the world that appreciate the eagles and the james gang/joe walsh
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I live in Richland, Ohio, but I'm a singer/guitarist/bassist...I'm mainly a singer because I am the singer in another band called Lost Audio, but I'm thinking of quiting.
hey i have a band in medina ohio and we would be willing to let you come and play with us!!! that way you wouldn't have to start a new one. if you are interested pm me at schecterfreak
hey if ur still lookin we need a guitar player...ne ohio...let me know
I'm in north east ohio(lake county) I want to start a band, I play guitar and harmonica.
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hey if ur still lookin we need a guitar player...ne ohio...let me know

I'm interested. Where are you located?
love joe walsh and the eagles but i think ur a little to far hun im in columbus sucks cause that coulda been fun (I can play guitar, drums and bass)
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PM me if you're at all interested.

I'm a bit of a ways away, but, I looooove classic rock.
I listen to almost everything. I don't know many songs, but, I learn reeeeally fast.

I play guitar and bass quite well, but I kinda suck at piano and keyboard.
Like I said, I'm a ways away, but, I'm a music addict. I'm kinda into heavy metal,
but I loooove classic rock. Right now, it's The Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, The Who, AC/DC, Anthrax, and Metallica. That's my playlist at the moment.
I'm also a writer, if you're interested. I'm also trying to form a band.
I'm creating an album, and I'll be playing three out of four instruments, so...
I wish I could find somebody local to help out. But, it can't be anybody with a swelled head. I'm a fair bandleader, but I don't tolerate jealousy or stupidity. So far, I MIGHT have a chance at a bassist. I dunno about a guitarist. I don't know any that aren't egotistic, or already in a band, or too inexperienced for a band. I already have a drummer, but, he's out of state. (It's still working out though.)
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i like james gang and the eagles but i live in timmins ontario
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well this might not sound so great but im 13, me and my friend have been wanting to start a band scince 1st grade but you know never really got to it together we got some pretty good grear we live in mansfield ohio and crestview (their like 5mins apart) i play guitar im pretty good and inward scream, he plays piano/keyboard and screams better so contact me if your interested we like a lot of music but i think screamo and any metal/rock stuff is cool

or here on ug
Hey sorry to piggy back on tis thread but ne teen to low 20's bassists or guitarists in lorain county if so pm me thx
I live in Massillon and am willing to drive to Pittsburg all the way to Detroit if I have to.
Itll be the weekend but yeah, you cant be an hour away and say"all...too bad"
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Hey sorry to piggy back on tis thread but ne teen to low 20's bassists or guitarists in lorain county if so pm me thx

Why didnt you just start your own thread?



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