I ended up with this squire bullet and i want to do some mods on it. I was wondering, would it work to put a bigsby type bridge on there? its a hardtail, and im definately getting new tuners, what are brands that would work?
you have to have a tune-o-matic bridge for a bigsby and you will have to fill in a couple holes and make some more holes with a drill, and i believe you have to have an angled neck to have a tune-o-matic bridge so you would have to recess it into the body some, and bigsby's are definitely not cheap anyways, you probably have to refinish your guitar too, so this will be a very costly project and there are tons of different factors, i suggest you just get a regular strat-style tremolo, and for good tuners look at Schaller
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Yeah it's possible but it would be a bitch to do.
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well, how about some good bridges that dont have to go through the body, im really not into drilling into it that much. I dont like the stock bridge though