I'm getting a new guitar and I want a Floyd Rose. I like Jacksons a lot and i'm kinda deciding between a Jackson DK2 and a DKMG. which one?
lol whats your budget? what amp do you use? and what music do you play? imo Jackson trems arent that great and though they can be swapped for an OFR the hassle of it could of had gotten you a better trem on a good guitar.
Aren't Jacksons more for like heavier rock? Dude, if you wanna have a clean, rock-tone, I suggest Washburn. What kind of effects do you have?
I want to have a alright clean sound and a great distortion sound. I play stuff like metallica, iron maiden, metal church, slayer, black sabbath, joe satriani and stuff like that.
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what about an esp m-400 or a gibson/charvel strat shaped guitar w/floyd rose?

LTD M-400 good choice trem i think is replaceable just dont know if it truly is. just becareful with what trem your looking at since they can be a hit and miss sometimes