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It works fine for me off the site Idk whats wrong man???
I know I uploaded the right file... thats pretty weird, If more people have that problem I'll reupload it.
EDIT: (this was posted AFTER the below post)

I liked GTG's much better. nicer phrasing, smoother playing, liked the tone, loved the backing track.

Zelda's didnt catch me by surprise, it was really meh and a bit sloppy in a few places with no catchy licks.


ps: woulda done longer crits but i kinda did.. long story. sorry about that
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Yep, hahaha , that would do it, I panned the lead to the right...I've found it cuts through a little more that way.

Edit, my bad on trashing the last one...I'm on eastern time its 2am here, I was in bed and remembered I forgot to do a poll, so I'm a little spacy.
i was very impressed with gtgram14's playing, really really good. everything flowed, never got uninteresting to listen to, always something different was heard throughout. Great playing gtgram14

some good parts in Kidzelda's, but alot of the time it sounded messy, a lot of dead notes and bum notes. tone not as good as gtgram's.


I really disliked Kidzelda's tone ...his solo was ok...it was his wah wah that really turned me off

Gtg your song was good i liked you tone ..it had a bit too much Mid on it but like you said up there ^^ you were tired, your solo wasent boring at all it was enjoyable so my vote went to GTG
I like gtg's better. He flowed better and there wasn't a dull moment. Kidzelda's tone was too bright for me.
Hell, I voted for Gtg, I just dicked that solo up something awful. As I said in the other thread, I wasn't able to use my regular wah, and just sorta ran out of steam halfway through. Maybe next time.
GTG wins but im sure kidzelda is a nice guy
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