I was looking through the gear at the pawn shop around here, and I saw a marshall cab. I didn't see the price, and it didn't say what cab it was on the tag. I was wondering how I could tell what type of cab it is. Also, if it were a decent one, would it go well if I hooked it up with a Peavey 6505/5150?
if its a 1960a or jcm900/800 cab it will work fine with a 6505, but if its a avt or mg cab dont bother buying it
Usually, the model, impedence, all that stuff is on the back where the input jack is.
JCM 900
JCM 800
all yes


Not that they are bad cabs, they just wont work for your head.
demea is definately correct.

Hope it is a good one for you.
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