Ok, this is the follow up to my earlier posts:



So I have now purchased the guitar I mentioned there.
Got it for 65 euro's, (about 70 bucks) with a free guitar bag.
The guy who sold it to me was completely clueless about anything guitar related.

So my observations.
It is a really really nice guitar to look at. the sunburst color, and the pearloid black scratchplate really are a pleasure to the eyes.

The guitar has some bumps and bruises, but for a vintage '60's that's to be expected.
And the guy who sold it to me had recently had the tuners replaced with cheap plastic ones (but I can fix that)

Notice how it doesn't have a brand name on it!

Even though it is unreadable, this plate on the back of the neck says:
MADE IN JAPAN, which is about all I can find regarding origin or brand.

The body is very heavy, definately no hollow body as it is almost as heavy as my Les Paul. The pick-ups are of unknown origin, but they are 99% sure to be single coils.

What struck me first when I saw it, was the thickness of the neck.
I am used to Les Paul necks but this one is a whole different ballpark.
But in a strange way it's not uncomfortable.
Another thing was the height of which the neck was, (as seen in the photograph, don't mind the messy bed )
This thing has it's pickups very high, and the neck even higher. The truss rod is almost above body level save for a few millemeters (maybe 5).

The slides/ switches on the body are all working, 3 of them to turn on/off the individual pickups. 2 can be set simultaneasly but when you turn on all 3 'the sound is cut.
The 4th slide is for altering the sound of the pickups, switching between a warm sound or a glassy sound.

And now my biggest surprise.
This guitar sounds brilliant, it has a very very very good tone.
I would never have expected this, but I plugged it into a small roland micro cube.
And it sounds soooo damn good. It can go from a very warm but very open en full sound to a very twangy yet cristal clear sound.

The only thing I noticed today is that the bottom 2 strings buzz when fretted.
(but don't buzz when played open )
So I want to set the action a little higher.

If anyone could give me some tips on how to adjust the action, without killing my intination, you have my eternal gratitude.
Nice axe
Well, I presume that the bridge is moveable, so you have to combine string height and length. Raise it a bit, but to keep intonation, move the bridge away from the neck. Youll have to find a sweet spot, if the guitar is well crafted and not damaged by age, a sweet spot is surely there.
But dont worry about slight buzzing, check if it is hearable through an amp and if not, I think that it is ok, although it kills sustain a bit
looks like a tunomatic style bridge before that wacky bigsby style trem. Tunomatics tend to have screws in them to adjust inntoation, if it's old and you can't find that sweet spot Klayy is talking about, i'd suggest getting a new tunomatic (doesn't cost much) and u can adjust the innotation on that.

I take it you replaced the strings when you got it...
The man who sold it to me, had the tuners replaced, and new strings put on it just a few days earlier.
He never played it (wouldn't know how) and when I got it it was still perfectly in tune.
So I'll wait a while with putting my own new set of strings on it, since I know putting strings on a bigsby style trem can be a real b*tch.
Thanks for the advice btw !
it's not a Tuno bridge i'm afraid it's very similar but not quite the same notice that the strings appear t run over small barrels rather than over the pointy things a Tuno has, also there are no screws to adjust intonation that i can see.

as to the brand it looks like a hagstrom to me so you might wana research them a littl. they were a swedish company and the guitars are notoirius for having VEY fast necks that are quite slim
Ok, I've checked out those Hagstrom guitars.
Look quite a lot like it actually.
But then it would have to be a '64 guitar from back when the Hagstrom II & III still had strat like bodies because within that one year, they changed them to SG type bodies.

What also puzzles me, is why the switches are the same, but not in the same place and not as much of em (it's got a tone know instead of 2 switches)
And why the jack output is a little different.

And by the way. this may seem like a really dumb question.
But do logo's fade off of heads?
Or was is ever hip to remove them?
they did produce a few with no loos to my knoledge but the Hagstrom was an opinion so i could be wrong
Yeah, well I looked on some hagstrom sites.
It almost exactly matches, the design and the specs.
Except for the logo.
And then I assume the previous owner installed a bigsby.
So maybe I got me a very rare hagstrom then

Anyways thanks a million for the advice on hagstroms!

Ps. and by the way, kudos on the FF VII thing.
FF VII rocks!
its a kent!! i have one basically like that except it has 4 pups. i love it, and great job on that guitar. by the way, hagstrom never was part of kent or vice versa
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loads of 60's guitars had similar wacky (by modernstandards) designs if it were not for the head stock and pick guard shpe it would also remind me of a burns or a univox
In those days, Japan copied a lot of designs of more expensive brands so its probably a no-name company that manufactured some Fender or something. At first I thought it was a Univox Hi-Flyer, but there are some differences
Could be a Harmony, actually. Before it got into the whole "make cheap guitars in cheap places for cheap stores" most, if not all the guitars to my knowledge were MIJ.
The reason the neck is up so high (guitar teacher knowledge here, not mine) is to use the Tune-O-Matic bridge. The bridge raises the strings up so high, they made the neck a lot higher up so they can have a parallel heel but still use the tremolo and tune-o-matic.

Sounds like a steal :-p
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Looks like a Tiesco head stock to me. Dunno though. i know those were MIJ.
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