When it comes to speed, i usually find myself doing chromatic-esque drills with my metrenome, and where this does help me... i find myself lagging and wanting to increase the speed at which i do hammer ons and pull offs.

bc when i try to do really fast runs i get tired before i want to and i have got to change that.

so what are some good ways to develop that kind of endurance and speed specifically for Hammers and Pulls. with or without the metrenome, just things that will basically kick my fingers arse and make them beg for mercy...please guys anything really helps.

Thank you.
First order of business - Do not kick your fingers. It will not help in any way, shape, or form.

Second order of business - Practice. A lot. There are no shortcuts with music that I know of.
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."
well i dont want any short cuts, i enjoy working hard... i just need some hammer on and pull off specefic drills... that will help me with endurance and quickness.

appreciate it though man.
Drills? Pick two frets close enough to eachother to hammeron, and hammer on and pull of really fast. 7th and 8th on the G string (One joke and you'll die), open and 2nd on the G string. It doesn't really matter. Try trills. (Hammer on and pull off repeatedly really fast.)
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."
play the intro to thunderstruck over and over for a while each today, it should help with your hammer ons. Do what God Am said aswell. Then hammer the 1-2-3-4 on each string the 2-3-4-5 etc up the neck. Then pull off coming back down the neck.
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This should help

be patient and make sure play each note evenly. .

e -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ---------------------------------------------------------------------------4h5h7p5p4--------------------------4h5h7-------
D ----------------------------4h5h7p5p4------------------4h5h7-----------------------7p5p4h5h7-----------------------
A ---------3h5h7p5p3------------------------7p5p3----------------------------------------------------------------------------
E --3s5------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

e -----------------------------------------------------------------------5--------------------------------------------------------------
B ----5h6h8p6p5------------------------------------5h6h8------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ---------------------------7p5p4h5h7--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------