Ive been playing for almost a year now on my acoustic, a very decent Cort AF550. I was thinking about exploring the world of the electric guitar. My question is what should I be looking for in a new electric and what amp should I be looking at? I am from South Africa so I seriously doubt models from overseas will be as readily available here, so I am just looking for characteristics I should look out for or be aware of.

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I have a Vintage V100 a Les Paul type giutar with excellent sustain etc. They can be seen on the John Hornby Skewes website www.jhs.co.uk.

They have a distributor in South Africa so you may be able to get it in RSA.

My guitar teacher likes it so much that he wonders why he paid £4,000 for his Custom Gibson Les Paul and has now started to recommend the Vintage V100 to anyone who he teaches and is looking for an electric guitar. BTW it got a good review in Total Guitar mag also.

Basically find a guitar that is comfortable and they style that you like ie les paul style, fender style or something else wierd.

Hope this helps - and I hope its OK with the Admins to post a website url :-)

Hope this helps
Ok, thats a great help thanks. Ill be stopping by the music store later today. Hopefully Ill be able to get a better idea on what is available.