hey guys, i've a gibson SG standard and all seems fine with it except when i touch the strings and touch something metal i get a big shock off it. which makes it very hard to sing into a mic!

is this a grounding problem?

why don't guitars come grounded from the start?

can i ground it myself at home?
yeh ouch grounding problem for sure and im not surprised its coming from a gibson. and yeh get it checked out for sure since you dont wanna be electrocuted by your own guitar
From experience, do you have a computer plugged into the same outlet as your amp? And while the comp is running? That will definately do it. I thought my guitar had a grounding problem, but then I thought they are passives, plus the wiring was fine. Left it sitting there for 15 minutes, came back, and when I touched the string, it shocked the **** out of me. Either one of my guitars would do it. Not only does it have the potential to fry your amp, it adds a significant amount of noise to your amp, plus if you get shocked like me, your fingers will feel funny for a week and you won't be able to play fast for a couple of days
^^ there was a comp plugged in alright!! thinkin i'm gettin to the bottom of this cos i don't get shocked off the mike the whole time.

thanks, i'll put and end to this so!
yeah i had the same problem with me and my other guitarist
we couldnt touch each other cuz there was a problem...and today he plugged in a different outlet...no more shock
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