Today I went to the store and tried out these two guitars, they were roughly the same price.

Basically they both have the qualities i want, like unique shape etc

The LTD F-2005 has a trem while the IC400 doesn't, and the LTD comes with a EMG already.

I play mainly metal, like SoaD, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, a bit of Trivium, a bit of A7X, some slayer, AND LOTS OF FALL OUT BOY! (j/k)

So which guitar is more appropriate?
even though the iceman doesnt have EMGs in it, the pickups are still pretty sweet, that's all I have to say really
Well I probably might go for some shred to, especially the LTD, because it has 24 frets but I don't know which is more suited for metal.

The LTD has better gear but Ibanez seems to be more metal and I like the brand though.
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