hey guys, in your opinion wat is the best laney amplifier for a metal type of tone, all tube by the way
vh100r or GH50/100l.

The vh100r is a bit more versatile, but if you're just looking for a good hard rock/metal sound the GH50L is a great amp.
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second the gh50l. it's cheaper than most tube heads, it's got El34's and it's 50 watts so u can crank it like a mofo.
^ Yeah but it has only one channel, which isn't for some people
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if you go to laney's webstie they have these things called amp icons, that tell you if the amp is good for jazz, blues, metal or classic rock. they're pretty awesome and they actually tell you an alternative laney amp. like for jazz the GH50 says, try the TT instead lol.

Yer the single channel thing is cool for me because i'm using a volume limiter pedal and i also like the volume knob on my guitar to mean somethign