I'm thinking of getting a Bass amp, budget being about £200 ($370??) and having had a 30W guitar Cube and being pretty happy with the sound and the general reliability of Roland gear, I was thinking of getting a 30W Bass Cube, it will mostly be for quiet practice and recording (miked up) but I'll probably end up jamming and possibly gigging with a drummer and I'm wondering if it'll be loud enough for that, any opinions/alternative suggestions?
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If your looking to jam/gig you're gonna need at least 100w. But i;d reccomend at least 300w. However, for just practicing you could go with fender rumbles or ashdowns.

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Well I can get a 60W Rumble for £200, or a 100W Rumble for £300, though £300 is really more than I want to pay, there's also a Hartke 70W for £220. I'm going to be trying all these amps tomorrow so I'll just have to crank them up a bit to see how the sound holds up when they're on full blast, the Cube also has a built-in compressor which should be handy...