hi guys
i have always struggle with my rythm tone (on electric Accoustic is fine)and was just wondering
A) is there any particular guitar that is better for rythm?
B) any settings or tips would be most appreciated

my rig
50s classic strat
korg 301 dl
laney hcm 65r
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In my opinion Gibson style guitars with Tunomatic style bridges fare better for rythm guitar because they feel more solid and have a very warm round tone to them. Lighter gutiars tend to be better for soloing. A strat isn't always the best rythm guitar, but i can't see why it'd be particularly bad.

I think a lot of that tone comes from your pickups and how heavy and solid your gutiar is. single coils in my opinion give a great clean tone but if you want to crunch it up a bit for your rythm might not be so great.

What are yo playing? I get the impression you're playing classic rock from your gear.
i would try an lp or sg, the humbuckers give that warm, full tone that you want for rythym guitar.
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SGs a little thin when i think of a pure rhythm guitarists i think of him using something big and Made of Mahogany. Think a Les Paul or a Explorer or a Gibson Style Flying V not the thin ass small ones like Jackson makes.

So basically as follows

Stop Bar Tail
Good Pickups
Big guitar dont get anything light for rhythm weight is good

thats the keys to look for while looking for a rhythm guitar look at james hetfield all LPs and Explorers cuz they are made out of Mahogany the perfect rhythm guitar
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yep clasic rock blues and indie
its a setting problem i thinks
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Try using your bridge & middle pickup setting on your strat.

Les Pauls are good rhythm guitars.
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