I was just wondering what you guys were using for picks as I'm experimenting with what I use, trying out tortex 1mm and a Dunlop Jazz 3XL. So yeah, what do you guys arm your wrist with?
Thanks for reading
Dunlop Jazz (super small, sharp tips) 1.14mm

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I like thin picks i've got this one which i got from a mate called the sharkfin its great but i do have a clue who makes it!
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My weapon of choice is the much sought after dunlop jazz 3 pick ( the tear drop black ones used by Batio, Dimbag, and Petrucci nuff said).
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fender premium celluloid picks (medium)
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thin planet waves or dunlop picks
I don't ask for much
Truth be told I'll settle for
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My weapon of choice is the much sought after dunlop jazz 3 pick ( the tear drop black ones used by Batio, Dimbag, and Petrucci nuff said).

At the moment I'm using M.R.W. celluloid picks. All I really know about picks is that Dunlop's suck, so I don't really have a favourite. I'm gonna have to buy more next time I go to the store, so I'll try all the different ones then.
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Either Thin Fender Triangle picks I've rounded off myself or Planet Wave .64's.
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Jim Dunlop Delrin 2.0mm picks
Jazz 3mm picks
Credit Card (large sharp edged triangle shaped) picks, homemade

yea, i am a fan of thick picks and sharp picks
I use Fender Celluloid picks. Thickness you ask? Heavy!
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Dunlop Tortex .50's
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Fender Medium California Clears.

lol those are **** i go through about 2 every month or so. my dunlops have lasted about two months now
i started with fenders, but they always seemed to break (i probably was playing to hard when i started which explains it)

but since then ive used tortex greens or purples

i use purples if i want, what seems to me sharper solos and greens if im just kinda gonna be strumming, but i guess i just have a ton of both and grab the first i see

try them out, expirement with all kinds, its not like they are expensive, what 30 cents for one?
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lol those are **** i go through about 2 every month or so. my dunlops have lasted about two months now

Personally, I'm very fond of them. I've been using them for three years and have only gone through about 2 packs of 10 - they seem to last me, anyway.

When I'm next out buying picks, I'll keep in mind you think they're asterisk to the power of four and refrain from buying the most reliable pick I've used in eight years.
i think the main idea here is that no pick is for everyone, thats why there are hundreds of them!!!

try em all!
I use red and black brain picks, the reds are .77mm and the black ones are .88mm I think.
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Dunlop Jazz 3. I like these because you can play so fast with them.


I use a Stylus Pick and My own, home made, practice pick for working on my
picking accuracy and speed. My pick:

When playing I absolutely LOVE the UltraPick. I think it is only available from

I also like Cymbal picks and Dana Control Picks when I feel like using a metal pick.
Black gibson heavy (think its 1.2mm or someting)
fender tortoise shell (celluloid?) heavy
Dunlop 1mm Tortex or Fender Heavys

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My favourite pick has the be Dunlop Tortex sixties but sometimes I use Tortex 1.14s for stuff like Metallica. i think 60s are ideal as they give you enough feel but aren't too flexy.