I was thinking about buying this guitar from a local owner..not a shop just a person and was wondering if it would be worth what he is asking. He has posted it on craigslist for 250 dollars and here is what he says about it. "Custom hollowbody 335 copy with a Fender Strat 1970's style headstock. Shaller tuners and bridge hardware. $250" Here is a link to a picture of it. I will of course go try it out and check if there is anything physically wrong with it but if anybody could give me any more info. about it that would be great thanks.

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if it helps he sent me an email and said this "It's basically a 2005 Oscar Schmidt body with a Fender 1970's headstock neck. I custom built it. It has all new hardware including the tuners. The only damage to it is a small chip on the bottom of the body. Very cosmetic. The guitar will need to be set up by a guitar shop to get all the frets in tune." Thanks for the help.
I don't know much about the OS guitars but I'm not sure that body is set up for the same scale length as the Fender neck.
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