Ok so I know knowbody hear has probably heard this song but Id still like som input.
I was playing around with Adobe Audition last night and put out this Cross Canadian Cover Mostly cuz It was the easyest to knock out all the parts. I listened to it on the way to work and realized that the intro lead is a little loud but I cant fix it till I get home. I did all the parts myself and would like your opinions. Thanks
O I should mention I only first heard this song last week.

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usually I hate country, but I have to make an exception to cross canadin ragweed.
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Your voice is really nice. Guitar playing throughout the song was solid. There were only two things I noticed that could use some work:

1. The intro lead playing seemed kind of choppy (like at 0:27), but that's probably because you just learned it.
2. It's got an extra 2+ minutes of nothing but silence on the end of it.

I've never heard the original version of this song, but I would imagine this stacks up nicely with it.
Hey man, thanks for your comment earlier on my recording.

I've never heard this song before, but your take on it sounds pretty damn good. The lead guitar sounds dead on, the rhythm guitar has a nice, crisp tone, and you've got a killer voice. Very good job : )
ive never heard the original song efore. but by the ounds of it you have worked it well.
you have got a great voice, even if its not similar to the original it really works. i like the sound you have got on the rythm guitar, and the lead guitar has got a really rich tone on it!

overall, i thik you have done a great job!!!
Still some intonation issues with some words/vowel sounds. It's good but it could be better. Here's where I try to give advice!
-As soon as the vocals come in, that first line, it's a bit flat. I think this is more of an issue of concentration than it is anything else.
-"I don't know where I've been" is ugly. Your mouth closed down there and it sounded flat again. Make sure to keep your soft pallate raised (if not fully, at least pay mind to it)

There are also some stylistic difference I'd like to point out, but since it's YOUR cover you're free to style it vocally however you want. Overall it's not a bad take.

The beginning of this song made me think of "What's Going On" by 4 Non Blondes... thankfully your voice isn't quite that ridiculous sounding. I'm actually a big fan of your vocal tone.
Can't say that I've heard the original, but it sounded pretty good anyway.
I liked the vocals alot, you have a good voice.
I would give this a score outa 10, but like I said, I haven't heard the original, so instead you just get a smily face
1. Thanks for the comment on my songs.

2. This is awesome! GREAT job! ^_^

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