Today i went into a guitar shop with my dad only with the intention of trying out some valve amps and i came out with 2 new guitars plus the amp i wanted!

A Fender Highway One? Stratocaster
An unknown model Danelectro guitar
and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

Im the luckiest person alive, Thank god for my dads work bonus
ok?!?!? want a cookie?!?!
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awesome hot rod is awesome as well as many danelectros, good luck have fun
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Holy **** that's ****ing crazy... at least you appriecate it I know a guy who's dad has bought him five guitars (he's been playing two years) a Peavey Bandit and he just ordered him a Marshall tube half stack and the kids isn't even grateful

Edit: You know that's like at least 1200$ worth of gear even if the danelectro or whatever guitar was really cheap
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Yeah i know its crazy, My dad just said "So which amp is it you want again?"

"Hot Rod - The on over there"

"Ok, (turns to the salesman) One of those amps please."

and i was begging for an american strat for ages too.