No - of course you could route out a hardtail guitar to fit a Floyd Rose bridge, but a hardtail guitar is one equipped with a hardtail bridge.
Well you'd have to route a chunk out of your body.

If you have a cavity already, then it's another matter, but if it's hardtail and if you want to install floyd rose, its a lot of work.

Try stetsbar or Kahler trem system.
Or a bigsby
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will all of those be able to do the stuff a floyd rose can?and im willing to take a ckunk out of the guitar body for it
^I don't think any of them can go to the extremes a Floyd Rose double locking floating tremolo system can.

I know for sure that a Bigbsy cannot; but as far Kahler trem systems, I'm unsure - I don't think they're floating tremolos, so I doubt they have the range a Floyd Rose would. I'm unsure on that one, though.

If you plan to (ab)use your trem system wildly and to extremes - I'd advise you to get a reliable Floyd Rose style.
ya it would be a lot of work to route out a cavity for a floyd rose, if u do decide to get an original floyd rose, and bigsbys arnt meant for major whammy dive bomb stuff thier just meant for like slight vibrato stuff, and stets bar isnt a floating bridge
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Are you sure you want a floyd? It's really a piss off to beginners, like I used to be. Took me an hour to make it perfect!
kahler's have the same range as floyds though dont expect those two to act in the same way since their made in two different ways
To TS, of course its possible, just dont count 100% that it'd be perfectly functional all througout your life. You'd need to route the body, yes, provided that the routing is made by experienced luthier. Then you'd need to pay for the routing, installation costs, the floyd rose itself and maybe even for the extras (setting it up) too. I'd say just keep your guitar and get a newer one with a floyd rose system on it.

One more thing about the Kahler system, its filthy expensive.
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