the gear i use is a podxtlive and fender stage 160 solid state amp. i thot that i would get better tube feel and tone and make my fender come to life without getting a new amp but it still is kinda dry and cluttery. dont get me wrong i love the pod and wont get rid of that but what should i get, a new amp or something else. I want that tube tone and feel but i dont have that much cash. please help
you sure you are using the pod right you have to fiddle about with it alot to get really good tones also u pluggin in into the input or effects loop this may make a difference try using some of the amps on the POD XTL and see if u get any better tone i dont really know much about the POD XTL cause i havent had it for long
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i plug it right inot the front input channel. i put the output mode to combo powerup front ad i turn the volume all the way for the output volume on the pod