Out of curiosity, how do manufacturers build Neck thru guitars? I always thought they cut out the body first, did all that stuff to it, then built the neck and attached it someway, but a couple people told me they build the neck into it somehow? I don't think thats possible so can anyone explain it to me?
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gettin pics right now dude

theres your neck- and they attach body" wings" wich is to havles of a body, to the side of it to make the guitar. so the neck goes through the guitar

unlike set neck- where it is glued in a pocket

or bolt on- which is like a set neck but bolted on instead of glued on, and set neck/ bolt neck pockets vary in type and size , as set neck need a large gluing area for the neck to seat well
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The neck is one whole piece from the headstock to the bottom, the body's shape is made of fins.
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