I'm looking for a scale that sounds eastern. An example would be the scale used in the Rolling Stones song "Gomper" another example would be Country Joe & The Fish's "Eastern Jam" . could anyone tell me the name of this scale? thanks

The harmonic minor scale is pretty eastern, with that #6 b7 deal

Also, go HERE
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e phrygian, and a harmonic minor, me thinks.
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  • Harmonic Minor.
  • Spanish Gypsy.
  • Hungarian Minor.
  • Hungarian Gypsy.
  • Persian.
  • Egyptian.
  • Oriental.
  • Chinese. ('Country Pentatonic')

Try some of those along with a bit of rubato.
thanks guys but what i think i meant to say was something with a kind of a psychadelic feel to it. late 60's hippish

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