hi my band want to do our first gig soon and we were thinking about covers to do. We are a metal style band (a7x,trivium) sort of thing. we were thinking of:
Atreyu - the crimson and A7X - burn it down.
What do you think?
either, if u think there a good idea for first gig or any other suggestions for covers in simular style
Do some songs that people will know, such as Crazy Train and Back in Black.
play pantera - walk, our local gigs always get a great reception when the almighty one ill wolrd play it

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i would coz i love the song, just another band did that about a week ago so it may look maybe a copyish sort of thing but yeah i think i would definitly do that in the future
a7x isnt metal, just thought i should point that out... and i wouldnt cover new songs in my opinion, play older metal songs, at least 90's, songs that everyone knows, and back when metal was REAL metal. anthrax to put it simple
listen to 'i am not god,' play pantera-- walk, if you play it well, the crowd will ****in explode
Hmmm....if you wanted to vary it a little, you could take a regular rock song and 'convert it' to your style, not sure which song would be best for you to do that with, obviously I don't know how advanced your band are. But in our common room someone put on a CD with a cover of "You Give Love a Bad Name" in the sort of style you do....that might have been Atreyu as well...I can't remember...
As for suggestions....um...
Trivium - Dying in your Arms is pretty good in my opinion maybe that's because I prefer Matt's singing voice to his screaming vocals but still....
If you're fans of Pantera maybe choose another song by them, maybe Cowboys from Hell or Cemetary Gates
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Don't play Walk, everyone plays Walk, play Cowboys From Hell.
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