I've been looking around at agile's and found some decent deals on ebay. I was wondering which one's look the best, since I still don't know too much about guitars.
^ this one has Seymore Duncans...I don't know much about those
^ this one's customized with P-90's, which I really like
^ this one also had p-90's, but it's a lower model
^ this Melody Maker has been customized to fit two p-90's..

If anyone can help me pick and choose, that'd be wonderful.
dont buy ur guitar on ebay cause for all u kno it could be a piece of ****

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the top one looks the best and it has SDs which are very good btw. if u were to choose one of those i'd get the first 1
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Go with the AL-2800 with the Seymore Duncans. It is really versatile with the push-pull pot. You can get pretty much any sound you want.
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Yes i agree i have order guitars and other items out of musicians friend (mail order magzine) and have gotten my items in rough conditioned i call them and they said i would have to pay for theirs or UPS screw ups and i can wonder how it is going to be to order from a person over the net my best bet for you is to buy from a local guitar shop so you know what you are paying for
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Maybe you should look somewhere else. eBays not the best place to buy a guitar. You could go to musiciansfriend.com they're reliable and have pretty good prices. If theres a guitar shop near you you should go there and try some stuff out see what you like.
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