Yet another, "what kinda of guitar should I get" thread.
I like playing punk, pop-punk, metal, some classic rock, pretty much a bit of everything. What would be the best choice for me?
Thanx in advance

so far I think strats, les pauls, or some up models ibanez's are the most versatile guitars.
top axes:
Taylor GS8
Fender American Strat (w/DiMarzio pickups)
Epiphone Les Paul
How much money are you willing to shell out? And I agree with Noah. Something with 2 humbuckers or a H-S-H config.
Hi, I'm Peter
Im hoping to keep it under $1000.
$750 - $900 i think would be about right.
Fat strat modded to a HSH config.
Well, just to be like everyone else, here's my rig:

Fender American Stratocaster
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Washburn J28SDL

Mesa/Boogie F-50 Combo