Ok, so today for the first time, I realised Im becoming a blues guitarist. Now I dont mean like Kirk Hammett style, I mean like um...... srv type stuff. Im not into blues in the slightest but now its crept its way into my playing. I hate it. I play rock and metal. So could anyone give me tips on how to make my playing rock again? My heroes are the likes of slash, satch, hammett and the maiden guitarists etc. and my solos dont sound right over metal backing tracks, like they sound as if they should be played over a crappy 12 bar blues! HELP ME! please and thank you.
The sound your getting out of your setup is going to affect the way you play alot. If you have a setup that gives you the sound you want, it'll eventually lead to you playing that style of music.

For instance, I used to play guitar thru a Fender 15G, and it was worrying me I couldn't play the metal I wanted to. It was hard to learn how to do pinch harmonics and breakdowns without having the right distortion in the first place. I got my Peavey XXL and now I play like a beast
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Also, it's a matter of technique. Slower technique lends itself to bluesy playing. Work on doing scales besides the pentatonics and work on your mechanics.
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use more phrygian, mixolydian, and chromatic licks in your soloing instead of pentatonic and it should help
and actually about 50% of metal is blues based, though its basic blues, not really mixolydian based (which i believe SRV was more or less) basic, Root, b3, 4, b5, 5, b7 type scales..... though there are many variations on this (see pantera)
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use more phrygian, mixolydian, and chromatic licks in your soloing instead of pentatonic and it should help

For metal, I'd personally go with phrygian, aeolian, dorian (perhaps in a metalballad).

Also, the b5 is a great tool to (ab)use! But beware, that can also make it bluesy.. It all depends on how you use it I suggest learning and analyzing some metalsongs, which you like the sound of.

Other things to try:
- Diminished runs/fills
- Chromatic passages
- Other phrasing

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well, it seems logical doesn't it? your idols are:

Satch - completely resonates in the blues sound and even states it as his #1 influence
Hammett - taught by Satch, no-brainer
Slash - blues, blues, blues

what's the problem? like stated above, most modern metal is influenced by the blues in some way, shape, or form...i would suggest broadening your musical horizons, maybe listen to some heavier stuff like death metal...mostly classical influenced and such, but you'll never escape from the blues
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Look at Black Sabbath, most of the solos by Iommi are the blues scale or pentatonics. Its not that the scale isn't 'metal' enough, its that how you play the notes aren't 'metal' enough.
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Your saying you don't want to play blues because you like metal- Paul Gilbert listens to Green Day, and he playes shred.

Don't only try to play stuff you listen to, play what you are good at and what you enjoy. If you are naturally playing blues stuff, than you most likely enjoy playing it.
your tones shapes the way you play. of course you cant play metal with just some overdrive, and you cant play the blues if your amp is on fire. but who am i to argue? zakk wylde can do both. :O just play tons of pinch harmonics, scoop your mids, and buy dimebag darrell's guitar should get you on the right track again. and crank your rig up to 10. except for the mids.
try learning a bunch of metal solos by other bands like testament, and dream theater and see wut they do to get there sound and try to incorperate those ideas into ur playing, also if ur stuck with the blues check out some marty friedman
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Blues is a great way to get phrasing down, and nice tone which is something that people can appreciate if you're performing to them, not like metal. Metal is very hard to play well, you don't want to be some kid that has a B.C. Rich and can't even keep in time, it takes years to develop the speed and accuracy necessary for it. And the majority of rock is based on blues anyway, use it as a stepping stone to rock and metal.

Make sure you listen to yourself play, enjoy what you play and imagine yourself as a member of the general non musical public listening to you playing. I swear half the guitar players on youtube playing 'metal' are tone deaf.
You want to know the fastest way to stop sounding like you're playing the blues?

Stop using pentatonics.

EDIT: You can really use a b5 in any scale, you just need to make it sound good Same as with almost any note.
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Dude..you may have something good here and not realize it

write songs based on what you wanna do

go ahead and just wrte...dont think...write. you may have a unique style on your hands
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^ true.
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right, i've got a foolproof plan! since i actually have played with you and know what your solos are like.. we made a song!! yes you just play a metal backing track and keep improvising until eventually you'll find a group of notes that suit it.. it doesn't have to be restricted to 1 scale you know.. you have total guitar, right? well the Ignition c.d. will help you there it provides backing tracks and scales to play along to..... sure i'll see you tomorrow and talk about it then in further detail... as if this is'nt enough!
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for reals. the only way to really be a good musician is to have an open mind.
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Look at Black Sabbath, most of the solos by Iommi are the blues scale or pentatonics. Its not that the scale isn't 'metal' enough, its that how you play the notes aren't 'metal' enough.

well, sabbath was originally a blues band
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I used to have this same problem, what I did is avoide double stops and pentatonics, I learnt all the modes and whatnot.......now my blues playing sucks
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look at the scorpions for rock you like a hurricane, i think that they solo in that song in D mixolydian so idk, phrasing and some time and effort to make a good solo instead of just throwing down random notes.