Sorry for the bad pics. I know this isint the right forum but the acoustic one is practicly dead.

Theres quite a story behind this guitar my dad bought it off of some bankrupt guy who had it made customly and realesed a single using this for recording.

I was wonderwing how much its worth and what kind it is.

Inside i couldnt get a bright enough picture but it says Folk or something.

Thanks for any help
Im only 14 and ive been playing for 6 months so dont take my advice but the Logo looks very similiar to a Gibson logo. If you look up pics of some Gibson Acoustics you will probably notice this..
Notice how this is in the Electric Guitar forum? Should be in the Acoustic forum. To me the logo looks like Astria.
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^^^ my dad says its called an antoria so how much am i looking at if i decide to sell this?

I need to replace a tuning peg that fell off a tighten some of the others and get new strings but thats easy enough.

Rough estimates?

EDIT:^Yes i said why at the top
This is from an Ibanez bulletin board:

Antoria guitars were Ibanezes imported by John Hornby Skewes Limited of Garforth. Leeds and may have also re-branded some guitars as JHS. Not only were they rebranded Ibanezes they actually used the same catalogue numbers in their brochures.

Check out this link...it's an MSN Group dedicated to Antoria guitars: http://groups.msn.com/antoria/folkjumbo.msnw

Looks like they sold for under 100 pounds in the late 70s. Don't know what the current value is. Guitar Bluebooks aren't hard to find.
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