id personally say england but know doubt some american will cry and say that all british people eat crumpets and id like to say.. fuk u! cos i cud just say all americans are fat which is obviusly just a steriotype.
This may be a bit wierd. But Japan is the country that really loves guitarists like Paul Gilbert and Yngwie. England has all the Indie stuff i think. Im not sure about America, they had all the old classic rock bands but a lot of them are now old/dead. I dont know.
Johnny wishes he was famous
spends his time alone in the basement
with Lennon and Cobain and
a guitar and a stereo.
if ure gonna be in americn for rock music, dont come to jersey, let alone trenton, tis is not the best place, if anything id have to agree Japan, look at young guitar magazine, the lesson thingies in there always have Gilbert, Vai, Malmsteen, Chris Impletterri, all those great amazing virtuoso's, just listen to the amazing guitar work in Gitaroo Man, kinda hard game to find, and dont let the graphics fool you, that is an amazing game, with infinite replayabilty, yea, goto Japan
****ing United States of America, or Europe... mainly the British Isles.
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