hey guys, i got my first payday and it feels goood

anyhow i got about £100 to spend on axe gear and i wanna get so many things i cant deside on what to get like maybe:

( sugestions for all these plz)

a wah pedal (somethig not £100 i wouldnt get £100 worth out of it yet)

a Epi valve junier 5 watter (cranked with a pedal would i get metal ish teritory?)

new pickup ( like an X2N or a Dimebucker or some bare knuckle shiz)

one a those new zoom multi pedals with the expresson pedal i tryed one b4 there pritty cool ( cant member what there called)

or new mp3 player to replace my busted one lol

so there it is guys , can u help a guy in destress, im going to the shop in town tomorrwo to try some stuff out but i would like some pointers to help me anyway

thanx for any help guys

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erm. Id get little things first save some money for next week. Get Strap locks, Picks, and the pedal you were on about is the Zoom G2.1U There not bad but nothin to shout about.
i Dont Know how much money that is but if its anywhere near the same as $100 you could get a crybaby or morley if you want that sound. if you want to get some seymour duncans for the les paul. dont get a dimebuckers or emgz unless you never want to use cleans. if you want that sound you should save buy a metal guitar then put the dimebuckers or the emgs in it.
well, the dimebucker sucks.

Depends on what gear you already have, to be honest. If i had £100, I'd probably buy an HBE uno mos clean boost pedal. Or put it towards saving, lol.

what gear do you have?

EDIT: crap, I've seen your sig, lol.

I'd probably put swinesheads in your epi. you can get two pickups for about £90. www.swinesheadpickups.co.uk
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I dunno the UK-US exchange rate (I'm guessing around $150-200? The dollar is worth almost nothing these days), but I'd save it. A pound saved is a pound earned.
I would stock up on strings and picks, maybe buy a nice strap and save the rest. Thats really not alot of money when it comes to musical equipment.