hey guys, i got my first payday and it feels goood

anyhow i got about £100 to spend on axe gear and i wanna get so many things i cant deside on what to get like maybe:

( sugestions for all these plz)

a wah pedal (somethig not £100 i wouldnt get £100 worth out of it yet)

a Epi valve junier 5 watter (cranked with a pedal would i get metal ish teritory?)

new pickup ( like an X2N or a Dimebucker or some bare knuckle shiz)

one a those new zoom multi pedals with the expresson pedal i tryed one b4 there pritty cool ( cant member what there called)

or new mp3 player to replace my busted one lol

so there it is guys , can u help a guy in destress, im going to the shop in town tomorrwo to try some stuff out but i would like some pointers to help me anyway

thanx for any help guys

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gear4music indianapolis // Blackstar HT-1R Metal
if i had £100 for guitar gear, i would save it and wait til you get more so you can get more better things
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I would take it to the bank and get it put into USD
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If your after a metal sound try getting the Behringer Ultra-Distortion Pedal only £15 so you can save the rest or get a replacment mp3 player. I know most poeple wont like Behringer but this pedal is an excellent purchase for the price! I use an Epiphore Les Paul Hot Rod, Behringer Amp (sucks for distortion but with the pedal sounds really good!) Behrigner Ultra Distortion Amp and a Dimebag Jim Dunlop Wah Pedal. Also if you were after a decent wah pedeal you can get Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wahs anywhere from £35+ so you could look into them as well.