Well first off, I really like your sig. Dunno if you came up with it or not, but I like it.

Now. To the PTab.

I like this. It gives me a reminiscent feeling.
The fading in and out works really well, especially with the let ring attribute.
The guitar used goes very well with this as well. Very simplistic, but very musical.

I dont think there's much to change about this, but I think you extend it a little.
It seems like it could be expanded upon.

Mind critting mine?
Link in sig.
Spiral Out
wow...i was confused at first because of the beat that the metronome was producing....and then i noticed that all the measures were under by 1/3....so i was thinking "1/3 ??" and i had to screw around to see if i could find out what signature was going to make the mistakes go away...and i found that if you take 3 measures....and turn them into 1 and then make the signature 4/2...it all goes away. lol it's just something i have to do...i'm meticulous about those little mistakes. i like it...and i like the fact that you used such a strange grouping.
Well, yeah. Thanks to months and months working nightshifts at a grocery store, my mind went from crazy to insane. The quote is in fact mine - something I've used to confuse my managers, their managers and the managers above even them (people can be pretty simple if you simplify things!).

But, as far as the metronome, I hardly ever use it. Every time I do, I think it's a drum sound effect, or that my sound card has gone to ****, haha. As far as expanding it, I know it probably should be expanded, and I have a mind to do it... I'm just unsure of how I can, while still keeping the feel of the tune. Lately my musical mind has been mush, and every once in a while I can come up with a little three seconds of something cool, but ... blech. Perhaps I need to take a break.