I?m turning over a new leaf:
Finally, I?m ready ? so, I swallow
Hard, and traipse around for an hour,
Nicotine patched, chewing on
Pieces of rubber, my nails, pen-caps,
Quivering like a shitting dog,
Peeling the skin around the tips of
My fingers and scratching profanities
Into brick walls with nails. I pace,
Forwards, backwards, the tangy,
Glorious scent of ?The Last One?
Glides from the wallpaper, seeps down
My gullet, and fucks me harder and
Faster than he is her on the channel that I
Perhaps really shouldn?t be watching.
So I tear down the paper and rugs to
The floorboards, chisel the plaster,
I scrap the sofa, paintings, everything ?
And squat in a pool of wood-boarded
Nothing, yet still I bite my nail-less
Fingers and gasping, I inhale?

Oh, for fuck?s sake.
"You can never quarantine the past."
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its not bad but there are parts of it that kind of wreck it for me
like the dog part and the

My gullet, and ****s me harder and
Faster than he is her on the channel that I

its weird and its worded weird for me i don't know

other then that is pretty good, nice word choice and it paints a good picture
i am going to guess this is about giving up something possibly cigs
i can see why you were nominated for WoTM
overall its pretty good but some parts seem like they were put in there to be overly strange

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A very interesting take on Nicotine withdrawl and falling at quiting. I would have mentioned all the **** you should be coughing up but I suppose you gave up quick. I liked alot of the imagery but disliked anything with profanity. It does draw teh reader in because of it's unorthodox flow and high pace, but you are no Cummings. I suppose it communicates teh scattered mind-state you were in. Pretty darn good

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