I'm looking to buy 3 things, A Compressor, An EQ Pedal and a Chorus Pedal and rather than make 3 different threads, I thought I'd bundle them all in here.

I'm not looking to spend a huge amount on A Compressor, maybe around ?120. If there isn't anything good in that price range I might consider building one instead. I've been looking mainly at the Boss CS-3, I can get it for something like ?86. Is it any good? I'm looking for something to tighten up my distorted riffs.

For the EQ Pedal I'm not sure, I've been consdering either the Boss GE-7 or the MXR 10 Band EQ. I'm looking to spend more on this than the Compressor, maybe ?150 -?175. Is there anything better in that price range, and which would be better, The Boss or the MXR I'd take any suggestions really that are under ?200 and not Rack mounts.

For the Chorus, I'm mainly looking for something to add some shimmer to my cleans. Again, I'll consider anything below ?200. I've no ideas here really, though Boss seems to make a few. What are they like?
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boss is a really good brand imo, i know boss has a super chorus pedal which is a lot more of whats good in their plain ol' chorus pedal, and i think its about $120 usd..... i have used the super chorus before and i REALLY enjoy the sound, again as i recommend with anyone, if you can try before you buy that is the best thing you can do. good luck!!!
For the compressor, go with the MXR Compressor, it's roughly $70 USD so it'd be in well in your price range, and it sounds much better than the Boss.

For EQ, MXR makes the best for an affordable price. Their 10 band EQs are amazing and I'm saving up for one myself.

I don't have much ideas for chorus, but from what I've heard, the Boss Chorus pedals are very good. I don't know myself, as I have no experience, but that's what I've heard.
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For the compressor, go with the Keeley or the MXR.

For the EQ, try and find a Boss EQ-20 on eBay. Probably about $90 USD.

Not sure about chorus.
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Thanks for the advice guys

Which is a better MXR Compressor, The Dynacomp or Supercomp?
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I might order the MXR 10-Band EQ. What exactly does it do, all I know is that it improves your tone and stuff.
EHX small clone or poly chorus
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