In Rage Against the Machine's Know Your Enemy Tab, it says, whammy pedal set to harmonize up a perfect 5th. How do I do that? I have a dunlop 535q. thanks Ryan
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it's the digitech whammy pedal that he is using, not a dunlop wah pedal. they are 2 different pedals, one imitating what a whammy bar on a guitar would do, along with other effects like an octave changer, and the harmonizing mode. a wha pedal just goes "wha wha wha." look up the whammy pedal you'll see what i mean.
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Yeah, he's using the WH-1. If you wanted to you could find one. I say just get the WH-4. It sounds so close you can't even tell.... I think it's a mind screw if ya know what I'm sayin' . SAVE MONEY
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in the manual that came with the wah pedal it gives a setting for tom morellos sound. what position should i keep the pedal in while playing this song? treble/middle/bass? i just got this pedal and am new with it.
It gives you a Tom Morello wah tone if im not mistaken not a guitar tone?
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