i got a question for anyone thats using the line 6 guitar effects pedal board anyone familiar with how to get better sound im having difficulty whenever using it i am running every way possible. i have a small 10inch vox amp and then a 2 X12 boehrenger with stereo capability sound and i have used all inputs and i was wondering if anyone out there has any info for me the easiest way to use it because running it right through the front of the amp i cant bypass the amps eq and no matter what it seems like i m overdriving the amp even when using the stereo jacks bypassing the eq plugging right into the back.someone please lemme know whats up i just try and set it for tool sounds and if anyone is familiar with the line6 lemme know. this is wicked frustrating i just want to play.
im only assuming your talking about the Xt live. if so heres what i have to say. I own one and its great but you have to know how its works. first of all the vox ten inch amp will always sound like crap sorry. then make sure that your amp is on a clean setting. second when make sure your output is right. on the back there is a switch that says pad and.... something else.... you dont want pad. theres a buttong right underneath the LCD i also forget what thats called but press it and make sure your not set on the PA setting and stuff like that if your plugged into a combo make sure your running through a combo and so on. one more thing all of the tones that come on the XT live sound likecrap. you have to make your own because its just the only way to go. or download them vie the USB.and if you set all your eq's to the 12 o clock position and then just adjust all of your patches on the xt live it should work fine. thats the best i can do for ya hope this helps