I finally decided to do my own thing.
I called it Punchline for lack of any better ideas.

I guess you could call it classic rock. I dunno.

I started working on it yesterday. Just figuring out the main riffs and hooks.
Arranged at a song this morning and did all the recording today.
Mostly it's a lot of improv so it wasn't all that hard. Mostly jammin.

You will find it at: http://edg.dmusic.com/music/ Punchline

Performance notes:

I did all the tracks except for drums.
Guitar: Alembic Further for all parts
I recording with a Digitech GNX4 direct lined in to a Zoom 8 Track HD Recorder.
Final Mix on a PC with Acid PRO5.

Lemme know what you think!
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cool man, sounds good, the intro especially and in near the middle of the song where the guitars sorta play off eachother. I think that it would sound better though if you used a little more reverb on the solo guitar. Another small thing is your palm muting, it could be a little cleaner, other than that great job!

Sorry I forgot, could you take a listen to my two short songs if you get a chance and tell me what you think, thanks.

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Really cool.. Hehehe sounds like 2-3 persons jammin straight ahead + it sounds wery alive.. like some of your riffs.. 9/10 for entertainment plzz crit back Trouble String ( http://rektum.dmusic.com/ its only a precast idea.. )
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Sorry I forgot, could you take a listen to my two short songs if you get a chance and tell me what you think, thanks.


Well, there's not a lot there. The playing was ok. No mistakes, but it was rather
flat. You need to put more dynamic into your playing. Where you improvising or
writing the solo out ahead of time? The first one wasn't quite in time in a spot
or two. The chords were rather simple. As an original, I wouldn't consider it very
fleshed out, even for just a riff. You need to put something of more interest into
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Really cool.. Hehehe sounds like 2-3 persons jammin straight ahead

Yeah, it basically is the way I record & mix. First I'll lay down a simple "marker"
track of simple chords so I know where all the changes are. Then I start laying
out the main riff track and bass. Finally, I usually do a few solo tracks. When I
do the mix I can use all the solo tracks and blend in an out of each one as I want.
You can make the final sound a lot more interesting. Highly recommended. I may
do another version with a different mix. It can be quite different.

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plzz crit back Trouble String ( http://rektum.dmusic.com/ its only a precast idea.. )

Well, I liked the tone. Like the other one, it was a bit flat. It really didn't hold
my interest very long. The solo line would be ok for a few bars, but it really felt
like it wanted to break out into something else.
Just to play around with the song some more I put up a second mix of Punchline.
This version added more soloing in at the front end. The last half mostly uses
a completely different solo track than the first mix.

I also did a number of tweaks the envelopes to give it some additional dynamics.

If you have the time to listen to both, which do you like better and why?
I think I rather like the way the second mix came out better.
Good work, you definitely have some skill to work with. I prefer the second mix, it sounds cleaner, sharper. It really does sound like a jam. The improvised parts are great, but I was more interested in the "written" riffs. This piece lends itself well to stop-time, so you could use more of it for emphasis and to break up the wall of sound, as it were. Some cleans might be good to cool it down a bit.

On a thematic note, I think you can do a lot with the arrangement to reflect the title. As it is right now, it feels a bit like a run-on sentence instead of a punchline. Set up your "story" and build up to something unusual, like a really loud bass solo with heavy wah. Just an idea.

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Hey thanks for the comments! I never thought I'd get any more after a couple

Yeah, I suppose it needs some breaks. Kinda what vocals are for
And yeah, I do happen to know a lot of Hendrix stuff.

Someone else remarked it kinda sounded like that old Classic Instrumental
Hocus Pocus (by Focus). Check that song out if you get a chance. very cool.
Although I wasn't really thinking about it when I wrote it.

For some reason, Punchline was the first name to pop into my head.
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This is awesome. Am I hearing Hendrix influences? Love some of the chord changes. The leads are great, they have a great classic rockish tone.

Keep it up man.

Crit back?

BTW, I hadn't noticed that dmusic had rearranged all my recordings, but if
you go to http://edg.dmusic.com/music/ you'll see a better list. I have versions
of Voodoo Child and Little Wing. The Little Wing without the solo makes a nice
backing track.

I'll give yours a listen when I can a chance.
Nice tone, good mix, great guitar. I've got nothing bad to say. Sorry my critique wasn't more helpful.
mmmmmmmmmm, I don't know...sounds nice and bluesy...you need singing in it my friend! Wot on earth is going with the drums???? They double over every now and agen yuck...not too bad otherwise.

Overall just sounds like your just trying to impress people with your guitar skills, it's not a song as such to me. Yeh you can play, but it don't sound like you can write yet, but for a 1st its rocking baby. If this was live, then hell yeh i'd love it!

could you crit mine dude? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=7542385#post7542385
I listened to the 2nd mix. It seems a little busy. It's also pretty boring, I'm going to turn it off now.

*isn't feeling very inspired right now.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
Ha. OK. Thanks for the comments.

I don't sing. The drum tracks are the only parts I don't play.

I think it qualifies as a song. It's just an instrumental.

Anyway, I don't think it's real hard writing catchy songs, but I'm an improv kind
of guy so that's what shows through. From start to finish that only took me
about 5 hours to write and record.

The main thing I'm getting is that it needs some breaks, I'd agree with that.
Vocals would help, but that's not my gig.
thats fine dude, keep working on what you work on! it is a song of course it is, an instrumental. if you want to work on intstrumental stuff you really need to up thet recording quality and have every instrument dead perfect and really intresting. Also simplify the lead ALOT. Have some mad breaks but you need a humable tune, more repetitiive. But this shows what you are capable of. So do it lol