This government, it won't function, it won't work
In the minds of the people, new throughts lurk.
Half of the time, I don't believe what they agree with
Some of these words they say, it's just myth.
But there always others, in the fight against it
No, they don't stop, they don't ever quit.
Then there are the selfish, the greedy
They don't even know about the needy.
Money is a good servant, but a bad master
But someday, someday, they'll know after.
All the president says most of the time is all talk
Understand that as a fact, cause no one will believe
By the time they do the right thing, over is their reprieve.
For a short time in the life, we all realize what will be the cost
For a short time in the world, peace may be lost.

This is my first songwrite and uh...after reading, please comment thanks.
i dono kinda dylan master's of war ish in a weird way
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